Peace Pipe – Peace Tape II
Peace Pipe – Peace Tape II
Peace Pipe – Peace Tape II

Peace Pipe – Peace Tape II

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Label: Not On Label – none
Format: Cassette, Mixtape
Country: UK
Released: 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House, House, Ambient

Second mystery transmission of artfully collaged dance music for listening from Peace Pipe. This time the focus has shifted to pitched-down after-hours ambient house.

What were the skies like when you were young? They were long and clear… There were lots of stars at night. I remember we were dancing in the back room of a club in the early morning. All the walls were mirrored and the fog from the smoke machine made the space feel endless. I’m not sure now who was playing records, but the music was warm and dubbed-out, all skipping drums and rounded-off organ. It was house music, but nothing like the stuff in the charts. There were lonely piano chords, warm rising pads and the occasional shuffling breakbeat. Snatches of song and speech served to set up mysterious shifting patterns of recognition. Towards the end of the night acid lines started to bubble through the music and the records got deeper and stranger. Finally the party finished. A group of people we didn’t know offered us a lift to an unfamiliar West London suburb and we agreed, unwilling for the experience to end. 

Now we are light years on from that moment and I’m not sure what makes me single that particular night out. It was years after house music first gripped the British imagination, but maybe it’s when that feeling first really hit me. This mix brings it back. I have little sense of when or where any of this music was made, it could be any time in the last 35 years, It could be Cologne, NYC or St. Albans. I think I hear Neil Tennant, and I know I hear Rickie Lee Jones. I get echoes of mixes on car stereos - tapes bought in Camden market, a mullered CD of Deep Dish’s brilliant Penetrate Deeper or Bukem’s Mellow Mix which I was nowhere near cool enough to know about at the time. Sometimes this stuff veers towards the generic, but even that feels dreamily nostalgic and totally right. Pink clouds of happy/sad synth start to recede as the cold begins to bite somewhere on the Westway... (mint / new - with DL)


A Untitled 45:00
B Untitled 45:00