Monokultur - Ormens väg
Monokultur - Ormens väg
Monokultur - Ormens väg

Monokultur - Ormens väg

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Label: Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox ‎– MMJ002
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Sweden
Released: 08 Jan 2021
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Ambient, Noise, Indie Pop

At long last the much-anticipated 2nd LP from Swedish duo Monokultur (Loopsel + JJ Ulius) has breached the Brexit fortress walls and is set to instantly improve everyone’s lives.  Self-released via their own Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox imprint, Ormens Väg lacks the stone-faced, deadly seriousness that underpinned their Förlag För Fri Musik debut, they’re still the coolest kids at school that you’re desperate to be friends with, but here there’s a greater sense of humanity where the pair seem to offer more of themselves.  The song writing is immaculate, crafting atmospheres from fleeting moments of melody, scraps of found sound, and flourishes of Neo-folk charm that flicker between nebulous and more solid structures.  But it all seems completely natural, balancing the finer elements of the starkest Euro Post-Punk / Wave with dub-cratered experimentation whilst maintaining an awareness (and reverence) of the looser noise ’n clatter from fellow Gothenburg contemporaries Netural or Amateur hour, but above all an acute yet unassuming emotional awareness usually reserved for only yr favourite Flying Nun / 4AD art-pop / indie dreamers. Those still seeking proof that Gothenburg is the most exciting spot on the globe for contemporary DIY music, look no further!  Screen-printed, wrap around sleeve - with printed foreword from Jack Rollo (Time Is Away) (NM/nm)

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