Leo From Vermont ‎– Somnium
Leo From Vermont ‎– Somnium

Leo From Vermont ‎– Somnium

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Label: Night Errands ‎– 001
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 18 Nov 2020
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Minimal

New US private press Night Errants opens its account with a short vinyl run of Leo From Vermont's 2017 cassette Somnium.  It takes inspiration and influence from the varying transitional phases that occur in sleep, translating them into four individual pieces that mirror the varying mental states that naturally occur whilst we enter ye land of nod.  The A-side flows from nervous, twitching, surging electronic drones before diving deeper, slowly lowering the heart rate into a woozy mindset with groggy detuned piano notes and more tranquil, drowsy instrumental loops.  With the slow delta brainwaves starting to tick, the B-side slips into the coveted deep REM-state slumber - knocking us out cold with simple piano loop drawn-out over 14+ comatosed minutes recalling the same sense of time dilation found in William Basinski’s early ‘Red Score In Tile’ piece or that recentish Mogador record from Will Long.  Struggling to recall anything that better encapsulates the increasingly endless lockdown mindset as this one.  Old school tip-on / paste-on sleeve - with insert.. Limited of course!  (Mint / New)

A Stage I: Restlessness / / / Stage II: Apprehension / / / Stage III: Placidity 14:27
B Stage IV: Deep Sleep 14:58