Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz – The Laurence Rassel Show
Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz – The Laurence Rassel Show

Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz – The Laurence Rassel Show

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Label: Public Record – 2.01.014, Comatonse Recordings – C.016.CD
Format: 2 x CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1 Jun 2007
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music, Stage & Screen
Style: Radioplay, Musical, Experimental, Deep House

An electroacoustic radio drama about feminist anonymity, transgendered authorship... and murder. Transcript & MP3 soundfiles of the radio broadcast produced for German Public Radio in collaboration with Laurence Rassel of Brussel's cyberfeminist collective Constant. The project combines original and liberated music with spoken word examining the gender politics of the copyLeft. An album so cutting edge German Public Radio banned it from broadcast. Also starring Tina Horne, Pierre De Jaeger, Nicolas Malevé, Femke Snelting, Marie-Françoise Stewart, Aiko Tsuji and Wendy Van Wynsberghe. Released June 1, 2007, by Comatonse Recordings (Japan: C.016.CD/C.016.EP), Constant vzw (Belgium) and Public Record (US: 2-01-014). In addition to the free MP3 download, The Laurence Rassel Show was released as a deluxe edition 2CD set with bonus tracks and poster, as well as a limited edition 12" vinyl EP of "Useless Movement." - both available from the Comatonse Recordings online shop. Click here to view original release artwork. (Mint / New)

1-1 Previously On "The Laurence Rassel Show"... 1:39
1-2 Opening Theme And Introduction 2:46
1-3 A Special Message From Joan Smith 3:28
1-4 Whereas The Party Of The First Part... 17:58
1-5 A Special Message From Peggy Phelan 7:46
1-6 Fetishism As A Means Of Authoring The Invisible 8:23
1-7 A Special Message From Michele Foucault 2:46
1-8 Laurence's Confession 10:57
1-9 A Special Message From Michel De Certeau 1:28
1-10 On Transgendered Authorship 8:22
1-11 A Special Message From Roland Barthes 10:04
2-1 Terre's Confession 5:36
2-2 A Special Message From Virginia Woolf 3:49
2-3 Message From Yoyogi Park 1:59
2-4 Sayonara (Closing Theme) 2:59
2-5 Useless Movement 9:13
2-6 Useless Dub 9:13
2-7 Bonus: Useless Movement (Radio Edit) 4:05
2-8 Little Girls Couldn't Murder Anyone 12:27
2-9 Beginnings 1:00
2-10 Super-Karaoke: Laurence 4:35
2-11 Super-Karaoke: Terre 4:07
2-12 Super-Karaoke: Aiko 3:40
2-13 Bonus: Post-Production Interview With Laurence & Terre 13:21