Djalma Correa – Espontaneamente se Tenta: Aventuras Sonoras de Djalma Corrêa
Djalma Correa – Espontaneamente se Tenta: Aventuras Sonoras de Djalma Corrêa
Djalma Correa – Espontaneamente se Tenta: Aventuras Sonoras de Djalma Corrêa

Djalma Correa – Espontaneamente se Tenta: Aventuras Sonoras de Djalma Corrêa

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Label:    Lugar Alto – LA-007
Format:     2 x Vinyl, LP
Country:    Europe
Released:    8 Apr 2024
Genre:    Electronic, Jazz, Non-Music
Style:    Experimental, Electroacoustic

The amazing Lugar Alto label peels back another layer of the Brazilian underground with a 2LP retrospective of the legendary percussionist / composer Djalma Corrêa.  (Mint / New)

"Espontaneamente se Tenta: Aventuras Sonoras de Djalma Corrêa is an album of deeply exploratory pieces by legendary percussionist and composer Djalma Corrêa. This double-LP set features previously unreleased recordings that cover a wide range of sonic experiments, revealing an unknown side of the prolific and groundbreaking Brazilian artist. Most of the tracks on this album were digitized for the first time – directly from the original tapes – and were compiled in collaboration with Corrêa just before he passed.

The result is a wild and unsettling collage that shows us just how original and intense Corrêa could be: from the unorthodox electroacoustic piece Evolução (Para Fita e Filme), which channels ancestral African inspirations to create a sonic cosmogonical narrative, to the proto-mixtape Exemplo de Sintetizadores, in which he transitions from transcendental drones to astral cha-cha-chas.

While the compilation might seem disjointed at first listen, it is in fact the most accurate translation or representation of his central concept: spontaneous music. Djalma's relationship with sound was always guided by his fearless approach to listening, and by his audacious and dynamic interaction with both musicians and equipment, which enabled him to work across a wide array of genres: from jazz to completely abstract music, always through a personal DIY ethic.

Corrêa developed a strong bond with experimentalist and inventor Walter Smetak, with whom he shared a studio during his formative years at Universidade Federal da Bahia. Suite Contagotas, featured in this collection, is no less than a sonic materialization of that bond: an experiment revolving around dripping water and its randomness – a tentative exploration of the ideas and possibilities envisioned by Smetak for his audacious, albeit unrealized, Estúdio OVO.

Djalma, however, is best known for his studio work in historical albums, including many by Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben, and for his own polyrhythmic opus Baiafro. The last track is an early recording called Bossa 2000 dC, first performed by Djalma at the 1964 Nós, Por Exemplo concert, an event which is often cited as marking the beginning of the Tropicalia movement. At the time, he was the only artist in the lineup using electronic devices to create sounds, e.g. medical oscillators and contact mics to augment his percussive palette.

The artwork is an amalgamation of material found in the Djalma Corrêa Archive (currently managed by his son Caetano Corrêa) and other material created during the period in which the record was being put together. The intention is to guide the listeners through this possibly tempestuous soundscape, giving them additional resources so that they may draw their own meanings and make their own sense of this extremely immersive and original experience – which is like nothing we've ever heard before."

1        Evolução (Para Fita e Filme)    9:37
2        Evolução (Excerto Djalma Corrêa & Banda Cauim)    4:19
3        Brasil Mal-eStar (Excerto Ensaio)    2:26
4        Exemplo de Sintetizadores    15:49
5        Suíte Contagotas    16:25
6        Stress    9:33
7        Bossa 2000 dC    7:22