Deltidseskapism – Nattmusik
Deltidseskapism – Nattmusik

Deltidseskapism – Nattmusik

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Label: amb.caveti - AMB001
Format: 2LP
Country: UK
Released: 2023
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Dub Techno, Ambient

Freshly minted new label amb.caveti plunges into the dusty corners of the flawless Source Records back catalogue with a reissue of Deltidseskapism's 2004 previously CD-only gem Nattmusik

Whilst clearly under the influence of the blossoming clicks/cuts glitch of the time, Nattmusik gently sculpts a more sensuous vision of isolationist techno drift. Crucially balanced, each track expands horizontally upon a chassis of flickering digital noise and rounded bass - perfect for sleep deprived backseat sessions, all soft focused dashboards and blinkered motorway board reflections.  It's delicately layered, considered percussion and moulded bass soundtracking a midnight drive through neon-hued cityscapes.  A classic hiding in plain sight that’s a must check for fans of SND, early Space Afrika, Porter Ricks, Dan Abrams and the whole Clicks 'n Cuts aesthetic we hold so dearly, as much as Galcher Lustwerk’s Road Hog..  (Mint / New - shops pls ask for wholesale).

1. Oas
2. Ekolod
3. Feber 03:10
4. Hemlighet
5. Distans
6. Bitterljuv
7. Paranoia
8. Elsömn
9. (BONUS) Gemytlig närvaro
10. (BONUS) Tillmötesgående (Live in Madrid)
11. (BONUS) Värmen Omfamnad
12. (BONUS) Utan Titel 1
13. (BONUS) Utan Titel 2