Bitzer Maloney – Untitled
Bitzer Maloney – Untitled
Bitzer Maloney – Untitled

Bitzer Maloney – Untitled

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Label: Tabi Tapes – 009
Format: Cassette, Mixtape
Country: UK
Released: 2023
Genre: Electronic, Reggae
Style: Techno, Dub, Downtempo

Fresh Tabi!  This time it’s TECHNO…ish.  Our in-house mixtape series continues its steady momentum, keeping it increasingly local with a fresh hit from one of Manchester’s best kept secret DJs. 

No secret to those in the know however, Bitzer has been co-running one of the city’s most cherished parties (and famously afters) Bakk Heia, together with a cult label of the same name.  I dunno, maybe we’re getting older but Bakk Heia’s unashamedly hedonistic gatherings represent one of the last bastions of hope within the tiring, increasingly difficult nightlife scene.  We’re talking old-school guerrilla promotion tactics, turbo-charged with a core of loyal regulars and a solid backline of residents armed with weird and wonky techno that never takes itself too seriously. 

Old man tangents and over-glorifying aside, Bitzer’s tape here is as close as you’re gonna get to experiencing the above without leaving the house - it’s a true testament to a hardworking local DJ who’s put in more hours on YouTube rabbit holes and Discogs advanced searches than they’d ever like to admit.  The A-side runs through slo-motion rhythm play, building the tension over trippy polyrhythms and triplets whilst waiting for the mushrooms to kick in, then unfolding into the more psychotropic, lopsided zone of 90’s UK techno / free-party tackle, all pitched down to a slurry.  Other-side is an ode to the sound-system, bathing in that area where dub and techno unite, acutely blended and heavily steeped in a green skunk haze with just the odd white dreadlock swinging on the horizon.

A strong instalment to our budding series, highly tipped for anyone keen to explore the crustier sound of techno or who’ve found joy in the Peace Pipe series.  We don’t know any of the tracks so pls don’t ask.  (Mint / New - with free DL - limited run).

A Untitled
B Untitled