Various – Ritual Music From Bali II
Various – Ritual Music From Bali II
Various – Ritual Music From Bali II

Various – Ritual Music From Bali II

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Label: Bärenreiter-Musicaphon – BM 30 SL 2571
Series: An Anthology Of South-East Asian Music
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 1987
Genre: Folk, World, & Country

Incredible 70's recordings of Ritual Music in Bali - never to be recorded or captured again.  (NM) 

Volume II includes recordings of music from a wider cross-section of ritual activity in Tatulingga and focuses on singing. Tracks 8-11 are part of the sanghyang repertoire (associated with the village rice cult) and were once performed alongside dance every evening for the the four to five weeks leading up to harvest. The extraordinary boys’ vocal (and whistling!) rendition of Margapati, track 8, is not to be missed. This volume also includes several examples of singing accompanied by gambang music. This singing is reminiscent of the vocalizations gambang musicians use when memorizing pupuh, which sometimes involves intoning poetry or other text and serves as a mnemonic aid for the long melodies that must be recalled from memory during play. Whether this reflects the vocal style accompanied by gambang music long believed to have gone extinct is uncertain. The notes state that singing in this manner during rituals is no longer practiced. Track 16 is a vocal rendition of the instrumental Panjimarga, realized by the village gambang ensemble on track 17. The sounds of a pitch pipe, used for calibrating the playback speed of the tape, can be heard at the start of track 13. The sound of a player realizing the pupuh on a tingklik while another sings along on track 12 reveal a mastery of this music rarely encountered today. (

A1 Ngauk (Recitation Of Text)
A2 Wargasari (Women's Singing)
A3 Rèjang (Gong Orchestra)
A4 Rèjang (Selunding Orchestra)
A5 Rèjang (Selunding Orchestra)
A6 Palawangan Daha (Girl's Singing)
A7 Sadi (Gambang Orchestra)
B1 Margapati (Boy's Singing)
B2 Sekar Agung (Boy's Singing)
B3 Sekar Emas Ayu Alit (Boy's Singing)
B4 Nuju Muspa (Boy's Singing)
B5 Jurangandanu (Singing With Gambang Orchestra)
B6 Jurangandanu (Singing With Gambang Orchestra)
B7 Jagirmangu (Singing With Gambang Orchestra)
B8 Jurangandanu (Singing With Gambang Orchestra)
B9 Panjimara (Singing)
B10 Panjimarga (Gambang Orchestra)