Jean Jenkins – Instrumental Music From Mongolia
Jean Jenkins – Instrumental Music From Mongolia

Jean Jenkins – Instrumental Music From Mongolia

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Label: Tangent Records – TGS 127
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo
Country: UK
Released: 1977
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk, Field Recording

Instrumental Music From Mongolia - one of the most alien, otherworldly and deepest ethnographic records we've ever heard, all timer.

Compared to the mighty US institution Folkways and well-funded European outposts such as Ocora or German publisher Bärenreiter-Musicaphon, UK independent label Tangent didn’t manage to record as extensively around the globe. However, the recordings carried out in the 70’s from respected ethnomusicologist Jean Jenkins rank as some of the most arresting and transportive within the field. It offers a glimpse into daily life up high on the endless Mongolian plateau, where nomadic life still reigns supreme. The extensive field notes explain that much of the music references their land, or love, or horses, with a wide-range of fiddle or two-stringed instruments being played the same way they have been for hundreds if not thousands of years. The infamous, unconventional ancestral overtones singing or ‘Khoomii’ features and sounds like nothing else - freaks amongst you like us will pick up on samples used by Coil, Muslimgauze and other underground UK artists of that time and it fills us with joy to imagine Sleazy or Bryn checking this record out of the library and loosing their minds. Elsewhere there are dulcimer pieces that sound more Chinese, or Persian, reflecting the influence of the Silk Road into the nation’s complex culture. Big one. (NM/NM).

Morinxuur Solo
A1a The Galloping Horse
A1b The Galloping Horse
Limbe Solo
A2a Four Seasons
A2b Untitled
Hoxuur Solo
A3 Sungidma
Shanz Solo
A4 Chadar
Yatga Solo
A5a The Love Of Two Young Men
A5b The Faraway Blue Mountains
Morinxuur Solo
A6 The Galloping Horse
Long Song, Accompanied By Morinxuur
A7 Bor Toirmun Byalzuhai
Long Song
B1 Domun
Jew's Harp Solos
B2a The Hazy Mountains
B2b Goji Nanna
Mouth Music
B3 Untitled
Yenchin Solo
B4a The Black Horse
B4b The Blue And Hazy Mountains
Morinxuur Solo
B5 Untitled
Morinxuur Solo
B6 The Boundless Space