Fataleka And Baegu – Fataleka And Baegu Music - Malaita, Solomon Islands
Fataleka And Baegu – Fataleka And Baegu Music - Malaita, Solomon Islands

Fataleka And Baegu – Fataleka And Baegu Music - Malaita, Solomon Islands

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Label: Philips – PC-1708
Series: UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World, Musical Sources – I-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Japan
Released: 1973
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk

UNESCO Collection "Musical Sources" edited for the International Music Council by the International Isntitute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation, Berlin/Venice.

This record presents some of the musical forms of two Melanesian communities, the Fataleka and the Baegu, which inhabit the northern part of the island of Malaita, the most densely populated island of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate.

The recordings heard on the present record were made during a musicological field trip under the auspices of the "Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique", France. The recordings of Fataleka music were made in Kwaifalu in February, 1970, with the collaboration of the anthropologist Remo Guidieri, whom I wish to thank also for his help in regard to the documentation on the music of the Fataleka. The recordings of the Baegu music were made in Fulunu in September, 1969, in which connection my thanks are due in particular to Mr. Severio Talifulu, headman of the Baegu sub-district. The master tape of this record was prepared in the Department of Ethnomusicology of the Musée de l'Homme, Paris...(NM/NM)

Fataleka Music
Divinatory Songs, Uunu 6:13
A1 Fataleka– Divinatory Songs, Uunu
A2 Fataleka– Divinatory Songs, Uunu
A3 Fataleka– Solo On The Bundle Panpipe, Tala 'Au Or Susuku 0:42
A4 Fataleka– Women's Song, Roiroa 2:32
'Au Sisile Panpipe Ensemble 3:11
A5 Fataleka– 'Au Sisile Panpipe Ensemble
A6 Fataleka– 'Au Sisile Panpipe Ensemble
A7 Fataleka– 'Au Sango Panpipe Ensemble 9:13
Baegu Music
B1 Baegu– Lullaby, Rorogwela 1:41
B2 Baegu– Struck And Blown Tubes, Sukute 0:50
B3 Baegu– Solo On The End-Blown Flute 0:56
B4 Baegu– Solo On The Musical Bow, Kwadili 0:37
B5 Baegu– Men's Narrative Song, 'Ai Ni Mae 3:10
B6 Baegu– Song Introducing Panpipe Music, Mae 'Au 1:38
'Au 'Ero Panpipe Ensemble Safali
B7 Baegu– Safali 'Au 1:55
B8 Baegu– 'Ae 'Au 1:18
B9 Baegu– Susulae 4:20
B10 Baegu– 'Ae 'Au 2:10
B11 Baegu– Fafane 3:09