Andrzej Mitan ‎– Ptaki
Andrzej Mitan ‎– Ptaki

Andrzej Mitan ‎– Ptaki

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Label: Alma Art ‎– Płyta nr 006
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Art Edition
Country: Poland
Released: 23 May 1987
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

Mythical art-object and cult release in the ‘Broken Music’ canon - it exists!!! Ptaki (Birds) from vocalist and sound-poet Andrzej Mitan is one of the most sought-after and unusual releases in the field of singular obscurities released on vinyl by the Polish avant-garde outpost Alma Art.  It blurs the boundaries between music, sound-art and conceptual art, comprised recordings of birds chirping in a pet store together with abstract vocal utterances set within a deeply reverent sound-field.  There’s no real information on what this is actually meant to mean or represent, and the 30 years that have elapsed since its release has buried any of the context or contacts who might be able to elaborate.  Housed in a vicious wire cage that’s properly sealed shut, there’s some that would say it’s not even meant to be opened.  Extremely niche and properly perched right on the edge of the marginal music extreme, but a fabled and near-impossible to find within its field.. (mint / new - sealed - unplayed).

A1 Birds 5:32
A2 Birds 2 12:35
B Birds 3 19:19