O Yuki Conjugate ‎– A Tension Of Opposites
O Yuki Conjugate ‎– A Tension Of Opposites
O Yuki Conjugate ‎– A Tension Of Opposites

O Yuki Conjugate ‎– A Tension Of Opposites

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Label: OYC Limited ‎– OYC Limited 5
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, C90
Country: UK
Released: 12 Mar 2021
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient

Revered UK industrial / ambient pioneers O Yuki Conjugate maintain their relevance some 40 years after originating their unique ‘dirty ambient’ sound, returning to the self-released cassette format they debuted on in 1983.  Conceived and composed during the isolation of 2020 lockdown, ‘A Tension of Opposites’ returns back to the original lineup of Andrew Hulme and Roger Horberry, with the artists taking a side each to explore their own narrative.  Horberry’s work on the a-side marries expansive yet pensive soundscapes with an arc of subtle sadness, born maybe out of the extended period of confinement yet executed with a certain feeling of content.  Hulme on the other-hand offers four individual longer pieces, richly cinematic that manoeuvre through shimmering electronic vistas and glistening, iridescent melodies with unpredictable shifts in mood around every corner.  There’s a feeling of intuitiveness throughout, with both of the artists following the sound and going where the mood takes them, embracing the inevitable imperfections that arise from improvisation and weaving them back into the narrative.  A seriously profound work of sonic immersion from two artists still at the cutting edge of their craft. (Mint / New - With download code - Shops get in touch for wholesale).


Volume 1 'At Variance'
A1 Obverse 2:17
A2 Retrograde 3:50
A3 Contra 4:18
A4 Antipode 2:34
A5 Discrepant 3:08
A6 Crosswise 3:37
A7 Anomic 3:22
A8 Inimical 3:03
A9 Antonym 4:48
A10 Sunder 4:58
A11 A Far Cry 4:28
Volume 2 'Into The Pleasure Garden'
B1 Unfolding 12:02
B2 Entrancement 7:35
B3 Ravishment 12:33
B4 I Don't Know I'm Not A Dream 11:10