Isolation Playlist #2 - DJ Trystero

DJ Trystero

Tokyo-based DJ Trystero and recent The Trilogy Tapes debutant kindly inaugurates the guest Isolation playlist series, in a quest to supplement everyone's musical intake whilst caught in the grips of this worldwide lockdown, here offering a rare glimpse of tried 'n tested club tracks in his extensive armoury.  Also, be on the look out for the soon coming 'High Speed Wind EP' on TTT feast away!

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Contextual weapons for true freqs.

Slick 'N Flash - Lazy Reflex
Always sets things off on the right foot, or at least in a clear direction



Stewart Walker - Yamankata
Takes momentum and runs it through a dimensional phaser




Paddee & A.S.I.O. - Sanctuary Moon
Makes the light in any room blue



Downlink - Who Else Knows?
Feels like something Powder would play



Counterpoint ‎- Soul Search
Heroic axis manipulation



Abrax - Ocb (Potato Mix)
Should have been part of that Ghost in the Shell PS1 soundtrack


Sian Loves It ‎– Get Out Of My Life
I don't understand this song it's so weird



Classy computer sex



Kit Clayton - Deadlock
Breaking thru



Alfredo Posillipo - Dura Lex
Cool breeze



Felix Da Housecat - Tears of Joy
Make it rain teardrops



Black Dog Productions - Otaku
Sonic 3 vibes



Seven Wonders - Crazy
Fuckit - UKG



S.O.S. - Lost

Spaced out shit


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