Isolation Playlist # 8 - Tax Free Records

Isolation Playlist # 8 - Tax Free Records

Employee and Funkycan of the Berlin-based bedroom rhythm merchants Tax Free Records give us an insight into what's been keepin' them tickin' during ye lockdown!  One of the sickest labels out there currently pushing their own style, check the soundcloud for more..  



Bootsy Collins - Bass Solo


Prince & the NPG - Joy in Repetition (Live)


Perception & Mad Mike - Windchime


Secret of Evermore Soundtrack - Menu



Jpt Scare Band - King Rat, one of the greatest heavy psyche rock bands.. 


Led Zeppelin - Since I’ve been loving you, Excerpt from “The Song Remains The Same” DVD


Freygang - Spießer & Dichter (Live), 1986, a great period of the East Berlin Heavy Rock and Blues group, my dad on guitar:


Jimi Live..