Isolation Playlist # 7 - Anna Peaker

Isolation Playlist # 7 - Anna Peaker

This week's playlist comes via Leeds-based artist Anna Peaker who's dived deep into all corners of the globe in putting together this eye-opening collection of deep listening gems.  Anna's pretty low-key but has quietly been responsible for putting out a number of incredible releases, mostly centred around quiet / introverted primitive electronics, organ pieces and organic sound.  As well as her inclusion on that great CDr earlier this year 'I Don't Want To Be Dug Up From The Wet Earth Anymore'.  Check her Bandcamp for more, playlist below.. 

BC -


In Nine Stages..

Operating Theatre - Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth
"I can’t think of anything worth writing, I just write to you so that you know that I'm alive and that cinders always remain where there was once a fire."



Mirka Křivánková, Jiří Stivín & Co - Minimální Doteky / Minimal Contacts   

A haunting call into a deserted wood, an eventual response. 



Mamoru Fujieda - The third collection: pattern IX

Searching in a deep forest for beautiful flowers and rare butterflies.



Jean Marie Massou - Le Complainte de Marie Ange

Laments into empty water tanks and underground tunnels dug deep into secluded landscapes. Part ballad, part ramble - an ode to lost childhood. The delicate balance between beauty and unease.



Zoltán Jeney ­- Impro 102/6

Chimes of ancient plates, the past frozen in the now.



Yosuke Fujita – Osoi

Slow awakenings.



Anthony Moore - A, B, C, D, Gol'fish

Stuck in the loop.



Valentina Goncharova - Dance of Shiva

Is time stretched in a dream?



Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Dingue

A devotion to derangement!

"Let the trees fall in a dreadful crash. Let the sun and the moon turn. Merging in the same burn.

I want supreme madness."