Isolation Playlist # 6 - DJ Lyster Mixed Bag

Isolation Playlist # 6 - DJ Lyster Mixed Bag

Local legend and YOUTH label chieftain Lyster empties the contents of his endless mental record bag on this weeks Iso-playlist special.  Those in the know will be aware of Lyster's unrivalled ability in plucking out totally under-appreciated and often obvious seemingly electronic music and weaving it into something that's entirely his own.  The sharpest ears around.. which is increasingly evident through the cutting edge A&R on the now steamrolling YOUTH imprint.  Also South Manchester's most burgeoning food & natural wine critic.. behold!


Senking - Risk 

Bought this in ANF recently.


V/A - Abstract Depressionism

Good compilation, released by APC no less



Inga Copeland & Dean Blunt - Face Turn

Favourite, so simple


Akufen - Skidoos

Epic Tech house for the masses, this one goes out to you, Tom


Split Inc. - Funky Town

Germany Humour


Sightings - Internal Compass

I take this out with me, put it on the deck, listen to it in the headphones and put it back in the bag.


Anthony Rother - Magic Diner - 06 Part VI

Good to listen to whilst watching the news



Flick - Body Shop

One for a virtual houseparty


Mesak - Sonta Seis

End of the world, etc