Isolation Playlist #5 - Moopie & Bayu ( A Colourful Storm)

Isolation Playlist #5 - Moopie & Bayu ( A Colourful Storm)

Fresh off the back of the their recent 'Still In My Arms' compilation on A Colourful Storm, label head Moopie and co-compiler Bayu have put together a list of associated tracks from the period of emotional engaging late 90's - early 00's IDM / electronic - a rabbit  hole notoriously testing to drill into, but fear not as expert help is at hand... 

Moopie & Bayu's recent NTS show HERE and more details on the amazing A Colourful Storm label HERE.  Enjoy..! 


Bayu's pics...

Lackluster - N

This is a track by the ever-prolific Lackluster that has been on repeat lately. We included it in our recent NTS Radio mix for the compilation, too.



Num Num - If Q Was H

Num Num was one of Martin Haidinger's many aliases and this is taken from the sole EP he produced other that name. A club-friendly pick!



Signer - Detached Under Buildings

Lewis (Instant Peterson) got me into this and I've been listening to it heaps. Signer is a New Zealand producer who was prolific during the early 2000's under various aliases - his work under Aspen is also great.



Tralala Blip - I Wanna Leave Home 

This isn't directly related to the compilation but I imagine it being labelled as “IDM” from our current era. A superb group from New South Wales, Australia.




Moopie's picks

CiM – Cloud Cover

This is one of many highlights from CiM's album which was released on the legendary DeFocus label. I love the feeling of fleetingness when I listen to the album – it traverses many ideas but is bound together beautifully by his signature melodic touch.



M - Francoise

M was another alias of Martin Haidinger's, apparently used only for this track. It's a minute-long interlude taken from the CD version of Toytronic's Neurokinetic compilation, bridging tracks by Abfahrt Hiwil and Multiplex.



Q Project – Spek

This was released on a 12” single of various artists by Emoticon, a label of Tom Churchill and Raeph Powell's whose aesthetic and curation I admire. It's an anomaly in the oeuvre of Q Project, an artist probably best known for his jungle and drum and bass tracks.



Ulrich Schnauss – Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Way

A comparatively bright and bold note to leave you on. This track is taken from the bonus material of Ulrich Schnauss' first album and bears a much larger production level than most of the music in our orbit. He's an artist who's overtly sentimental and unashamedly pop - two things we don't mind at all!