Isolation Playlist # 4 - Thea H.D (Leaf / NTS)

 Isolation Playlist # 4 - Thea H.D (Leaf / NTS)

Isolation playlist 4 has been beamed over the pennines from Leeds by Leaf label associate and NTS radio resident Thea HD.. indulge!  

P.S link below for Thea's excellent monthly radio show on NTS


Cults Percussion Ensemble - Circles

An absolute warm hugger. pulled out by Jonny Trunk. put together by music director Ron Forbes, Cults Percussion Ensemble a group of female percussionists from Scotland, with the average age of 14.


Raymond Scott - Portofino 2

For all upside down moments, there’s Raymond Scott. 


Domenique Dumont - La Bataille De Neige

Personal classic from Lativian/Parisian producer.


Jim O Rourke - Halfway To A Threeway

Teddy bears, and cuddly frogs.  


Eden Ahbez - Full Moon

Rewatched that episode of Fargo with this track in at least 10 times. Need I say more.


Voices From The Lake - Iyo

A classic minimals sminimals. essential evening iso.


Polygon Window - Potreath Harbour

My preferred alias for self isolation.


Pub - Paper Aeroplane

Classic Scottish ambient. Pub music.