Isolation Playlist # 3 - Bob's Picks Vol II - Euro smooth

Bob's Picks Vol II - Euro smooth

Stockport uber-digger James Moss takes us on a cruise through the world of privately released European smoooooth Jazz.

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What is Smooth; I don’t know – smooth is the ice cubes in your pinot grigio, smooth is the turn-ups on your linen jacket, smooth is the DX7 credit on the back of the unpromising looking 80s private you just picked up.  Euro edition, more or less.

Tony Williams – Lawra

Yes that Tony Williams, the Blue Note one not the smooth gospel one. More than slightly inexplicable outlier in his discography. Not strictly European but recorded in Germany and released in Switzerland so it’s in.


Bertrand Richard – Kunuonadivi / Enaow

Does the LP title translate as ‘Almond flavoured Leopard?’  Probably not.


Remi Chaudagne – L’ile De Temps

Found this whilst looking for stuff Andy Sheppard guested on before he got famous; as you do.  If you see him ask him about Cage of Eyes.



Reinhard Walter Jazz Projekte – Your Touch

Communist smoothed out synth jazz; they should have played this when the wall came down



Conrad Seto – Un Sabado Cualquiera Pensando en Dali

This whole record is bananas; ostensibly New Age but only if you think new age is meant to sound like serialist 8 bit computer music to a game about space samurai.


Minimal Kidds – Sunday with My Snow Angel

Should be on ECM but all the better for not being so.  No I don’t know why it needs an extra ‘d’ either.



Paul Esslinger – Picture No.7

One of those library records that normal people actually want but in fact not a one tracker.



Gianni Gebbia – Vedersi Passare Le Cose Attorno

Strong Italian entry; musical affogato.


Fences – Mein alter Hut

No not that FMP, the other FMP.  Not everyone was trying to sound like Neu.



Patrick Marcel – Bagnols

Very French, very inexplicable.  From back when phone boxes and moustaches were still a thing.



Liisa & Tonu – Koduigatsus

Recorded in Oakland CA but by Estonians in Estonian so gets a pass.  They also did a disco 7” in Sweden apparently but are now divorced ☹.