Isolation Playlist #15 - Born in the North, Dig in the North

Isolation Playlist #15 - Born in the North, Dig in the North

After a small, unexplainable hiatus, the Isolation Podcast series returns with shop regular and uber-digger James Moss who has put together a lesser-known collection of music from Manchester and the surrounding areas.  


 V/VM – Lady in Red (Is Dancing with Meat)

The best record ever to come out of Stockport.  We are not going to argue about this, because it is true.  In my private mind garden the source copy was pulled out of a charity shop on Underbank.




Biting Tongues – Double Gold St Paul

One of my former colleagues lived in Chorlton/Whalley Range in the 80s and told me once that she remembered sharing a house with a guy called Graham who used to in her words “Set the bins on fire and then record it”.  Coincidence? I think not.




Diagram Brothers – I didn’t get where I am today by being a right git.

Scarily prescient 40 (!) years later. The best Manchester Post Punk record bar none.



Noyes Brothers – Archetypal Memory

Arguably the best things on Object; this is our ‘Double Nickels on the Dime’.  I remain convinced that the inner sleeve photos immortalise the time you could still smoke in Manchester Crown Court – the weird pyramid shaped skylights are the giveaway.



Blitz – For You

New Mills Oi band decide to turn into Joy Division, for a brief moment.  Singular and perfect description of a moment in time when strange things grew in the suburbs.  As odd if not more so than that Bad Religion album they tried to forget about.



Human Trapped Rhythms – Part of the Same

This is well under the radar.  Animal rights focussed dark wave? (Tom adds - +1 point for the excellent label name, Anal Probe).



Tim Green – Harlequin

Still need this; still not prepared to pay silly money for it but in my view I live just round the corner from where it was recorded so I should get a pass.  What was Revolution Studios is now a quilting shop, or a window blind display or some such nonsense.  There should be a Blue Plaque! Bugs me every time I go to M&S garage to get milk ☹



God’s Gift – Discipline

You thought you were familiar with the best band to come out of Prestwich Hospital in the 80s and make darkly surrealistic post punk? Nope, wrong again. The defining anthem for the Grimness of the North.



Chris Sievey – More Red Indian Music

The man with the big head, pre-head and Lisa Stansfield on vocals.  Could this record be any more Northern? The answer is no it could not.  I think they put up a statue to him in Timperley; if not they should have done.  The film was weird though, they got the eyes all wrong.



Jane & Barton – It’s a Fine Day

Edward Barton was, is and will remain Manchester’s unsung musical genius. Last known sighting reported to me that he was in a tent, shouting at children about badgers.  Figures.



Think globally, dig locally!