Isolation Playlist #14 - Conrad Standish

Isolation Playlist #14 - Conrad Standish

Digital dump from down-under coming via Conrad Standish ov the mighty CS & Kreme! ------->>>>


Ras Michael-Nyabinghi part I

Raw and deep and pretty lo-fi footage of nyabinghi don, ras michael. not sure what this aired on originally or what is going on with the interviewer, lol. anyway, this is very soothing stuff.


50 years off-grid: architect-maker paradise amid NorCal redwoods

I think a lot of people at the moment are harbouring these sort of utopian, off grid fantasies at the moment. this woman's youtube channel is fantastic, lots of great stuff to trawl through! 


All This In Tea

Got really into les blank documentaries during this latest lockdown in melbourne. you can rent all of them off his vimeo channel. here's a beautiful one about an american tea dealer in china, searching for the finest leaves. 



New: Mars In 4K

Wild hi-def footage of mars. shoutout to biscuit for sending me this! also shouts to the youtube commenter 'enr ico' who writes 'everybody gangsta until they see a footstep'. 


DJ Hati Monji - Black Lightnin

Ok better get some more music in here :) 


OGC - No Fear

Love how this clip looks, and the whole raincoats on the beach thing is so fresh. also a biggie diss track which is probably kinda a rare thing??


SoiSong ‎– xAj3z

When i used to live in london i was rinsing this record, feel like it slipped thru the cracks. beautiful stuff from sleazy and COH.