Isolation Playlist #13 - Vio DJ

Isolation Playlist #13 - Vio DJ

Varied digital picks dredged from Youtube from Berlin's top class eclectic selector and all-round geezer Vio DJ aka Curtis Barber.  Peep the below link too for recent radio business..


Jun Konagaya – Deep

Meditative, drawn-out organ excursions from a modern master.


Bachir Attar in ‘The Master Musicians of Jahjouka’ (1983)

Hypnotising and transportive introduction to the 16mm colour film ‘The Master Musicians of Jahjouka’ by Michael Mendizza. 


Arquitectos de Ruidos ‎– ------------------

Rugged Chilean experimental cassette from ’89 that fortunately wound up on Bandcamp. Heaps of good tracks on here but this is my favourite.


Bushes – Biotension

Majority of the plays on this are probably me. Danny’s ‘Biotension’ cassette from Sunday Danger. Essential, educational deep listening.


How I Quit Crack – There’s Something About that Name

Contemporary ethereal cover of the popular Christian hymn.


Meridian Crew on Practice Hours

A very young Meridian crew going bar for bar on Practice Hours.


David Chesworth – No Particular Place

Apparently this had a video? Some cool footage from 1986 via Australian music channel ‘Rage’.


CTI – Thy Gift of Tongues

Live excerpt from Chris and Cosey’s ‘European Rendezvous’ under their CTI moniker. Full video available online as a playlist.


Flux - Diese Augen

One of many incredible outfits releasing music on Berlin cult label Graf Haufen Tapes in the 1980s. Recently met the guitarist over a cup of tea. Top geezer. 


Ar Detroy – 10 Hombres Solos

Ar Detroy choreograph and soundtrack eerie performance art in 1990s Argentina.