Isolation Playlist #12 - James Marrs (Laura Lies In)

Isolation Playlist #12 - James Marrs (Laura Lies In)

Laura Lies In boss James Marrs does a deep dive into his lockdown youtube history and expertly curates an eclectic multimedia circus.  Few copies of his recently self-released tape shredder 'No Worries If Not' available online / in store too {disclaimer - not a plug}.  

Piglet - Building Site Outside

Right heart-wrencher.


Luar Domatrix - angelito

New one on domestic exile. Amazing record and accompanying video. 


The unforgettable debut of The Shockmaster

Starting 2020 like... hhahHAHA 


Tŷ Gwydr & Datblygu - Hufen Ia (99mics)

Thanks to ANF for sharing this one! 


Pop Mutations

lots of good stuff in here. worth a look and info about donating here:




New World Ray - Postcode

Head out of the car window. 


Secret building that could be a house from Middle Earth in The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.

Somewhere in Shropshire I'm led to believe.


Tara Clerkin Trio - Any Of These

Good old TCT.


Alexis Jordan - Happiness (Video)

Those first few bars could go on forever


MC Yallah x Debmaster - Dunia

One of the acts I was rly looking forward to at counterflows, maybe next year?!!? 


Trevor Wishart at Sonic Protest festival 2018

Thanks joe. Both halves of this performance well worth a watch for different reasons. 


[2019] Reptilian Club Boyz - Rare RCB hexD.mp3 

Sent my way by gil! I turn away from one corner of the internet for a bit and come back to this.


Tommer Dockers - Limez

Re-upped keep it limey!


Hectic Squad - Ips (Instrumental)

Catching up on grime a bit as I regrettably wasn't tuned in to its ascension.


Man Takes Funny Fall Into The River Thames London

This got a reload at some point during lockdown and thank god it did.