Isolation Playlist #11 - Gamba (ANA)

Isolation Playlist #11 - Gamba (ANA)

Yung Gamba of the ANA sleeper cell pings over the tracks that have been keepin' him tickin'.  For the uninitiate, the ANA crew have been responsible for an untouchable string of releases since '18.. effortless shifting from singular, bass-heavy club mutations to scruffy scum-concrete collage with the speed of a quick one two, ensuring that their DIY ethos ties it all together.  The torchbearers for sure and assured DJs to boot!  Make way...    


Polido – Free Music/Musica Livre

Unbelievably good. Occasional JTG side-project collaborator with a similar penchant for esoteric rhythmic detailing and heavy basslines.


Genghis Cohn – Dybbuk Scumbag

musique concrète out of Falmouth. Michel Chion after a month in solitary with a knackered tape deck. Still haven’t fully got my head round how good this is.


Junior Loves – Banner/Nore

Very righteous flutation and drum murderation.


HOV- ’82-‘89

Great archival comp courtesy of Kashual Plastik. Particularly keen on the gurgling bassline and siren in Middeland.


Merula- Sleep

New project from Thomas Bush. Side 2 is ineffably good.


Horse Whisperer

Interesting piece of audio “research” from GLARC. DIY chamber music.


Biomass – Diazoma

New label out of Genoa. Ethereal sound design with what I think is best described as vaguely aquatic detailing. The later tracks trace a path very similar to some of the recent Flaty bits. Tip for Sferic fans.


TNT Roots – Chant down Babylon Verse II

Most terrible, most merciful. Would be remiss if I didn’t make some note of Tony’s recent announcement of his retirement from music. In addition to the mountain of CD’s by this point, there were also a couple of re-releases on vinyl in recent years. Though Bokeh versions would have you believe they were the only ones to do so, there was also this 7” courtesy of 5 Gate Temple – complete with Gastian treatment on the flip. See also the recent re-release of Elohim by Jah Fingers. Prolong…