Isolation Playlist #10 - Piano Music To Stretch Space And Time

Isolation Playlist #10 - Piano Music To Stretch Space And Time

All the days are blurring into one now and I realised I'd forgotten to get a playlist off anyone, so this one comes from in-house.  Long form piano pieces to stretch space and time... 

Jandek - The Song Of Morgan

Nine part epic of minimal piano play from Jandek, usually known for his lo-fi guitar twang but here switching it up for a meditation on the ivory keys.  The entire piece clocks in at just shy of 9 hours, although it doesn't really go anywhere, totally unresolved, moving between more than a few dud notes to moments of beautiful simplicity.


Colette Roper - Piano Pieces

Tear jerkingly beautiful lo-fi piano pieces from Colette Roper.  A total one off and seemingly impossible to obtain being on Swiss Artist Dieter Roth's private label.  First heard on the pianola Tabi Tape mix and regularly revisiting.. 


Giusto Pio ‎– Motore Immobile

Ageless Italian minimalism.  Okay, there's more than JUST piano in there but its in regardless.. 



Lubomyr Melnyk ‎– Lubomyr Melnyk Performs KMH

Torrential downpour of piano notes from the Ukrainian continuous mode master 


Rachel Bonch-Bruevich - 13

Beautiful loner piano pieces from the Soviet Union 



 La Monte Young - Well Tuned Piano

Five hours of just intonation bliss.  The ultimate.  Highly recommend Jeremy Grimshaw's 'Draw A Straight Line And Follow It' book for deeper intel into this masterpiece..


Satie - Vexations

Can't have a piano list without Satie in.  This one his notorious, life-altering composition that can allegedly drive the performer to insanity if completed in its 18 hour plus entirety. 


Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou - Ethiopiques 21

Much-loved and praised piano works from the Ethiopian nun. 


Charlemagne Palestine - Strumming Music

Maximalist minimalism harnessing the power of repetition. 


Hugh Small - Piano Music Volume One

Really amazing collection of timeless pieces from one half of overlooked Scottish ethereal post-punk group Vazz. 


Dominique Lawalrée - Aux Alentours

Incredible solo piano works from the late Belgian composer Dominique Lawalrée.