Various ‎– The Sounds Of Sound Sculpture
Various ‎– The Sounds Of Sound Sculpture
Various ‎– The Sounds Of Sound Sculpture
Various ‎– The Sounds Of Sound Sculpture

Various ‎– The Sounds Of Sound Sculpture

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Label: A.R.C. Records ‎– ST1001
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: Canada
Released: 1975
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

The Sounds Of Sound Sculpture!  Total one-off comp expertly collated by short-lived Canadian imprint A.R.C Records focusing on the world of sound produced physically, without electronics, in real time.  A niche yet undeservedly overlooked pocket of the avant-garde, the artists presented here are unified in their approach of utilising kinetics, mechanics and / or the elements to produce their sound, embracing the unexpected results and peculiarities that arise.  One of the most prominent artists within this field, Harry Bertoia, contributes two pieces, his engulfing, shimmering metallic rods activated by the wind to produce complex, shimmering, otherworldly overtones and represent a true collaboration between humans and nature.  In total contrast, French-born brothers and sound-designer Francois and Bernard Baschet share the results of some of their visual installations, taking on the form of primitive broken toy-box like melodies and self-mechanising rhythms that give an eerie, life-of-their-own feel.  Oh when the machines take over!  Equally bizarre but different in method are the pieces by LA sound-artist Stephan Von Huene, who using the power of vacuums and pressure systems in his sonic sculptures manages to capture a hypnotic hum of ancient folk / environment sound that recalls that infamous, uncategorisable  ‘Musiques Vertes’ LP from Jean-Yves Bosseur.  Very special record - with detailed booklet in excellent condition.  (NM/NM, with Booklet).

A1 –Harry Bertoia Sounding Sculpture 1:10
A2a –François Baschet and Bernard Baschet Glass Trombone / French Monument Born On 57th Street 0:31
A2b –François Baschet and Bernard Baschet Harp / Untitled #7 / Untitled #21 / Piano With Two Ears 1:47
A3 –Stephan Von Huene Totem Tone #2 1:05
A4 –Harry Bertoia Sounding Sculpture 1:31
A5 –Stephan Von Huene Totem Tone #3 1:32
A6 –Stephan Von Huene Washboard Band 3:14
A7 –Reinhold Pieper Marxhausen Throne Dome 0:51
A8 –David Jacobs (3) Wah Wahs 1 To 4 2:15
A9 –Stephan Von Huene Totem Tone #5 2:42
A10 –Stephan Von Huene Rosebud Annunciator 2:11
B1 –Stephan Von Huene Totem Tone #4 6:05
B2 –David Jacobs (3) Hanging Pieces 18:00