Various – KWALK
Various – KWALK

Various – KWALK

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Label: Wah Wah Wino – WINO-KET
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, White Label
Country: Ireland
Released: 10 May 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

The wino wagon rolls back into town after what feels like a longgggg time away, paying their respects to their favourite after-hours dissociative drug of choice which in this instance is ketamine.  We’re so far away from the club here, swerving wobbly-legged between sounds and tempos, collaged voices drifting in and out of time in-between fleeting movements of drifting ambience and smudged downtempo.  The tracklist is disorientating and doesn’t really make any sense, apparently Irish legend Roger Doyle is involved somewhere but hard to hear where - although his ‘Oizzo No’ epic released in 1975 feels weirdly related to this wayward stylistic montage.  Music for when the sofa is swallowing you up.  Highest recommend.  (Mint / new)

A1 Alvarius B.– Alcohol Of Fame
A2 Piero Bittolo Bon– Saxophone
A3 OD Dingus– Motel Indeed
A4 Sli Town Crier– Span
A5 Davy Kehoe– KWhistlin'
A6 Olmo Devin– Rock1
A7 Mr. & Ms. KWalker– 15.8801° N, 108.3380° E
A8 Sli Town Crier– You Can't
A9 Sli Town Crier– Sounding
A10 Olmo Devin– Double Sundae
A11 Olmo Devin– KW19
A12 Olmo Devin– Flemming's Lolly
A13 Sli Town Crier– Cobble Accord
A14 Morgan Buckley– KWrangle
A15 Olmo Devin– Rock2
B1 Roger Doyle– Imperfect Memory
B2 Olmo Devin– KW99
B3 Sli Town Crier– Tabernacle
B4 Olmo Devin– KW102
B5 Olmo Devin– Rock3
B6 Mr. & Ms. KWalker– m50
B7 Mr. & Ms. KWalker– Bee+Resin
B8 Mr. & Ms. KWalker– 29°57′16″ N 90°04′30″ W
B9 Olmo Devin, Ms. KWalker– Xcrossing
B10 Mr. & Ms. KWalker– Shelton
B11 Sli Town Crier– Capall
B12 Mr. & Ms. KWalker– Marty