Various Artists – Decay Product
Various Artists – Decay Product
Various Artists – Decay Product

Various Artists – Decay Product

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Label: Chain Reaction – CRD-03
CD, Album, Embossed Tin Case
Country: Germany
Released: 1997
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Techno, Ambient

Immerse subterranean atmospherics from our patron saint Torsten Pröfrock under his search-engine bucking Various Artists alias.

We’ll never get over just how mesmerising, hypnotic and wholly other this music is.  A total masterclass in modulation, reverberation and atmospherics that couldn’t have been further removed from the techno vernacular of 1997.  Some tracks are anchored by rhythm yet seem to unfurl on their own accord, the heavy sea-washed filtering and spongy, composted-down bass lines creating a sense of perpetual motion, whereas others bask in their own amorphous atmosphere, set adrift in layers of churning chord clusters.  Erode (which only appears on the CD) is a monolithic slab of repetitive, insistent techno that basks in its own sense of space.  It feels like being trapped inside the hull of giant ocean tanker or something like the last party on earth right down inside the earth’s core.  We digress, but you get the picture.  Special mentions too to the overall design of these iconic Chain Reaction CDs.  The stark metallic case, gritty CD pressed into the raised metal, form follows function / gesamtkunstwerk or something like that.  Rarely does the materials and design of packaging so perfectly encapsulate the sound.  Total life-changer, no doubt.

1 No. 4 (Delayed Intro) 1:47
2 No. 5 (Delayed) 3:56
3 No. 6 (Credit) 7:22
4 No. 7 (Balance) 3:20
5 No. 3 (Debit) 8:20
6 Erode 9:19
7 Melted 9:28
8 Erosion 2 9:37
9 Resilent 1.2 8:37
10 Erosion 3 7:57