Various ‎– A Musical Anthology Of The Orient - Afghanistan
Various ‎– A Musical Anthology Of The Orient - Afghanistan
Various ‎– A Musical Anthology Of The Orient - Afghanistan

Various ‎– A Musical Anthology Of The Orient - Afghanistan

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Label: Bärenreiter-Musicaphon ‎– BM 30 L 2003
Series: UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World – , A Musical Anthology Of The Orient – 3
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation
Country: Germany
Genre: Folk, World, & Country

Fascinating collection of traditional folk from the ancient and strikingly diverse land of Afghanistan, beautifully presented by the German ethnomusicology institution Musicaphon.  An often misunderstood nation, Afghanistan's musical heritage reflects its geographical location as being strategically plonked between many of history's great civilisations, surrounded and influenced by Indian, Persian and Mongol empires as well as historical invaders such as Alexander The Great.  With many of its remote valleys locked away and inaccessible, adding a timelessness and allowing a preservation of ancient traditions, there are pieces here that borrow from European music of the middle ages, of both Greek and Italian decent, such as the medieval flute ditty or more courtly ‘Song Of Badarshan’.  Elsewhere there’s devotional vocal pieces that feel distinctly North Indian, while others recall percussion from North Africa and Iran, each with a distinct slant that reflects that way in which it’s been absorbed and adapted into their own tribal traditions.  Over the last 40 years, Afghanistan has always been in the press from all the wrong reasons, and this, coupled with the cultural genocide undertaken by regimes after the Soviet war makes this collection all the more poignant as a document of a rich and complex culture.  Vital ethnographic head-melter!  (NM/NM).

A1 Song Of Kataran (Turkestan)
A2 Song Of Badarshan
A3 Melody For Flute From Turkestan
A4 Festive Music From Chardi (In The Region Of Kabul)
A5 Chant From Azarejot (Central Afghanistan)
A6 National Afghan Dance (Shah Mast)
A7 Chant From Farkhar
B1 Village Dance Melody Of The Region Of Kabul
B2 Pushtu Quatrain (Charbait)
B3 Ancient Chant Of Kabul
B4 Ancient Chant Of Khodaman
B5 Tumbur (Lute) - Solo
B6 Ghazni Chant
B7 Chorus From The Panshir
B8 Solo Of Sarinda
B9 The DOtar (Small Lute) Of Herat