Treasury Of Puppies – Treasury Of Puppies (2022)
Treasury Of Puppies – Treasury Of Puppies (2022)

Treasury Of Puppies – Treasury Of Puppies (2022)

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Label: Digital Regress – DR 45
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
Country: US
Released: 2022
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Non-Music
Style: Abstract, Minimal, Spoken Word

A debut LP tapped off inexhaustible holy-water supply that’s feeding the current Gothenburg underground DIY scene for Treasury Of Puppies, comprised of duo Charlott Malmenholt and Joakim Karlsson who slot in so comfortably with the rest of the Enhet / Forlag For Fri Music orbit that initially I was convinced it was aonther permutation of the label’s incestuous roster.  This one taps into Sweden's long-standing text-sound compositional approach, dowsing the line from Lars-Gunnar Bodin’s genre-defining radio dramas concocted in the plush surroundings of Stockholm’s EMS studio to the murkier backroom of a Gothenburg pub with a tascam.  Ear-worming minimal synth sketches and tinkering music box rattles topped by Scandi dialogue (Elin of Loopsel makes a cameo), spoken or half-sung, at points threatening to solidify into an actual song but mostly degrading back into the (a)typical nebulous collage of skatty, primitive found sound and amateur free-jazz noodling, all enriched with that tricky-to-pin-down FFFM alchemy this stuff equal parts inviting and sinister. So, so good.  In short supply...(Mint / New)

1 The Treasury Of Puppies
2 Sapfo Livin'
3 Kristi Bruds Guldskåp
4 Ett Tredje Vakuum
5 Ljug Mig Ut
6 St. Bernard
7 Tvångsfantasi
8 La Diabolique d'Arboga