Tom Boogizm ‎– Posh People Make Me Ill
Tom Boogizm ‎– Posh People Make Me Ill

Tom Boogizm ‎– Posh People Make Me Ill

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Label: Ono ‎– 5 3 13
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition
Country: UK & Europe
Released: 12 Apr 2016
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin
Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Bass Music

One of the finest all-MCR affairs to emerge out of the pissing rain in the past few years, much-loved DJ Tom Boogizm sees his aptly titled debut LP Posh People Make Me Ill released through Salford's long-running Ono tapes imprint.  Spat out from a pretty rudimentary bedroom set-up, Tom employs his frighteningly broad yet low-key (how else?) knowledge of free / contemporary jazz, post-punk, noise, industrial and pretty much anything else musical that's mattered and melts it down into a sample-rich tapestry that's laced with the punk / DIY attitude of drumming in punk bands in the backrooms of Wigan pubs.  It's a collection of tracks that couldn't have come from anyone else, boycotting any sense of overall cohesion in favour of raw, multi-referencing and totally out-front MPC jams, moving through sparse, golden-era UK techno referencing 'Answer Is The Ask, beat-down Dilla styled 'Numb To It' or more melancholic nagging piano hits on 'ECM'.  Elsewhere, '8Taa!' recalls the scruffier edges of Muslimgauze's output (Vampire Of Tehran), countered the red-eyed death waltz of 'Punishing' and fluttering ADHD drums of 'Platt Bridge Hit Squad'.  Granted, this one doesn't rewrite the rule-book or even advance it, yet you'd be hard pushed to find an album as entirely uncontrived and authentic as this these days...  Individually hand-made recycled sleeves by artist Michael Holland / layout by photographer Robert Parkinson.  (Mint / New.. just a few stock copies from the label).