Sockethead - Harj-o-Marj
Sockethead - Harj-o-Marj

Sockethead - Harj-o-Marj

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Label: Youth ‎– Y11th
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 2020
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract

The prolific local Youth imprint taps back into Mcr’s prodigious Return To Zero production unit / NTS radio crew (w/ Fumu & Turinn) with a debut LP from local multi-talent Richard Harris aka Sockethead.  Inspired by, concocted and executed during a stint of self-imposed isolation or better put, artistic residency, housed up in a lonely caravan on the West Coast of Scotland, Harris picks apart the mechanics of jungle, hardcore, Detroit, dub, chop’d ’n screwed and whatever else is available and rearranges into a rough-shod, DIY collage / smorgasbord that’s heavily indebted to staunchly independent spirit of our fine city and Rich’s own strong talents as a painter.  It’s clear that the self-inflicted exile has fostered a more impulsive, creatively free-flowing nature throughout, recalling everyone from John Lafia’s 80s experiments for Trance Port, Muslimgauze’s sample-heavy approach, Graham Lambkin’s scruffed-up abstractions with The Shadow Ring or the recent drop from fellow Manc Tom Boogizm on Shotta tapes.  The perfect blend of spontaneity and raw natural talent and another reason to be excited about this current crop of Manchester producers operating on their own frequency.. (mint  / new).

1 Genesis Redux
2 When I Close My Eyes I See Paint
3 Chaos Portrait
4 Love Loss Missing Yearning
5 Devotion
6 Synchronicity
7 In Search Of Truth
8 Jahiliyyah
9 All My Days Are Dark As Night
10 Weights Chains & Forgetful Rememberance
11 You Are Not a Machine
12 Hyena Clan
13 Gravity Stone Ally
14 Webale