Salenta + Topu – Moon Set Moon Rise (** Pre-order Sep 23 **)
Salenta + Topu – Moon Set Moon Rise (** Pre-order Sep 23 **)

Salenta + Topu – Moon Set Moon Rise (** Pre-order Sep 23 **)

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Label: Futura Resistenza - RESLP021
Format: LP
Country: Belgium
Released: 2023
Genre: Jazz, Classical
Style: Experimental, Modern Classical, Modern

Deeply mysterious lonely late-night ‘jazz’ miniatures from Brooklyn piano and cello duo.

There is certain music that, no matter how many times you listen to it, always holds mystery. Music I heard all the time as a child, way before I had any context for what I was hearing, is full of this feeling. Duke Ellington and the Beach Boys both spring to mind. The more I understand about their catalogues the less I feel I know. Probably because I am always tapping back into my own prehistory with their music - repeatedly arriving at a place before knowledge. Another quick route to this feeling is hearing something you know, maybe even own, but in that moment cannot place. Until you identify it it seems to contain worlds.

When I first listened this record I had something like the same feeling. And it’s still there every time I listen back. Its deceptively simple, just cello, piano and occasional vocals, simply recorded but oddly tuned, playing lonely looping melodies. Whatever it is, it’s a mainline straight to this deep, late-night confused nostalgia zone that I can’t get enough of.

Sometimes I think, what are the records that people will be discovering 30 years from now, desperate to own or know more about.  The Colette Ropers, Dominique Lawelrees or Philip Cohrans of today.  This is it, here and now.. (mint / new)


A1 Cliff By The Sea
A2 Kagami
A3 Impression, Sunrise
A4 Jour De Pluie
A5 Come Sunday
A6 Contrasting Sounds
A7 Third Stream
A8 Universe 1971
A9 Electronic Superhighway
B1 Pyramids And Desert
B2 Woman Reading A Letter
B3 From Paradise By Night
B4 I Have Met Miss Jones
B5 Light Coming On The Plains
B6 Memory The Heart
B7 Show Me As I Want To Be Seen
B8 W. I. P.