No Artist – Sea Organ
No Artist – Sea Organ

No Artist – Sea Organ

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Label: Wonderfulsound – WSD28LP
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 7 Jan 2016
Genre: Non-Music
Style: Field Recording, Ambient, Drone

Soothing and otherworldly environmental recordings of the Zadar Sea Organ captured in Croatia by Miles Copeland.

Representing a 70 metre sound installation by architect Nikola Basic, the Sea Organ was conceived as part of a project to redesign the Zadar coast after the destruction it suffered during WW2. Implemented into the marble steps of the harbour walls, the 35 organ pipes are triggered by the pressure of the tidal waves pushing air through tuned tubes. The result is an infinite music with no beginning or end, constantly changing and evolving to reflect the mood of the sea with random, fleeting harmonies appearing and dissolving back into the wash. The low drones feel closely related to the subaquatic vibration of whale song and there’s an obvious earthy, or secure feeling that accompanies the recordings - as if we’re tapping into something much greater than ourselves. Letting the environment do the work isn’t a new concept, Robert Archer’s Aeolean Devaharp recordings harnessed the sound spirit of the wind, to very mixed results. But sat here listening to the surging organ tones interacting with the sea foam and the unintelligible murmurs of local holiday makers feels like being trapped deep inside the womb of mother Gaia - in the best possible way.. (Mint / New - with DL)

A1 Sea Organ 7:09
A2 Solo 2:12
A3 Mid Morning With Fishing Boat 3:11
A4 The Pipes 3:21
A5 On the Waterfront 0:46
A6 Giant 2:51
B1 Stirring And Snoozing 7:59
B2 Up Close 1:23
B3 The Conversation 3:35
B4 Around Midnight 4:50
B5 Mermaids 0:38