Nina Harker ‎– Nina Harker
Nina Harker ‎– Nina Harker
Nina Harker ‎– Nina Harker

Nina Harker ‎– Nina Harker

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Label: Animal Biscuit ‎– none, La République des Granges ‎– lrdg#026, Le Syndicat des Scorpions ‎– none
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: France
Released: 10 May 2020
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental, New Wave

Shapeshifting, un-categorisable self-titled debut LP from the mysterious Nina Harker duo (I think duo?), via French label(s) Le Syndicat Des Scorpions, La République Des Granges and Animal Biscuit.  Been listening to this daily for the past few weeks and still yet to fully unravel it, everything seems obscured or set-up to keep you off balance.. jumping between styles and languages, mostly German but also Japanese, French and if I was guessing Portuguese, maybe Greek and at least one I’ve no idea.  There’s some common DNA with the free-wheeling wave styles of Nuts & Co in the vocal theatrics of ‘Füsse’ or ‘Vino Negro’, whereas the minimal, DIY drum-machine pieces ‘l'affreuse’ and ‘müssen wir noch aufblühen ’ tap into the same hermetic vein buried within Die Weltraumforscher’s stuff, but still entirely its own thing.  Elsewhere, there’s jangly campfire folk, acoustic pieces and odd skits that keep you guessing, but it's all somehow tied together in the spirit of pure expression.  Effortlessly modern but as obscure and enticing as anything you could only hope to land up through endless Discogs scouring or the most advanced search tactics - a highlight of the year without question!  With insert (Mint / New)


1 Kanál 3:06
2 Füsse 2:37
3 ∠# 0:38
4 L'affreuse 4:59
5 Vino Negro 1:57
6 το κορίτσι γαβγίζει 4:49
7 Gardo 2:21
8 Müssen Wir Noch Aufblühen ⁇ 3:24
9 La Cheminée 5:59
10 Muto 3:26
11 Du Schaffst Es Nicht 4:24