Morteza Mahjubi – Selected Improvisations From Golha, Pt. I (LP)
Morteza Mahjubi – Selected Improvisations From Golha, Pt. I (LP)

Morteza Mahjubi – Selected Improvisations From Golha, Pt. I (LP)

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Label: Death Is Not The End – DEATH48
Format: LP
Country: UK
Released: 2022
Genre: Jazz, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Persian Classical, Folk, Free Improvisation

Can’t quite put my finger on what exactly makes these archival recordings of the late Iranian pianist Morteza Mahjubi so deeply hypnotic.  They seem trapped in time and out of reach with an unusual depth of field - like listening in on someone playing in another room.  Cut from the extensive British Library Endangered Archives recordings of the Golha Radio programs broadcast on Iranian national radio from 1956 until the the revolution in 1979, Mahjubi’s virtuoso technique allowed him to compose traditional Persian classical music on the Piano, imitating the tar, setar and santur with a mind boggling and culturally disorientating display on the ivory keys.  It ranges from stark and dextourous solo-improv, or at other-times slowly developing into a stately waltz with hand-drum accompaniment or whispers of ancient Persian poetry.  Much like the recently lauded recordings of Algerian pianist Mustapha Skandrani, it highlights the cultural cross-over between east and west throughout the 60’s / 70s as well as the unfathomable depth of Persian music.  Very special!  (Mint / New)

A1 Improvisation In Abu-Ata (Golha-ye Rangarang #204) 2:04
A2 Improvisation In Sigah (Golha-ye Javidan #140) 2:22
A3 Improvisation In Shur (Golha-ye Rangarang #182) 2:51
A4 Improvisation In Homayun (Barg-e Sabz #150) 02:26 2:26
A5 Improvisation In Bayat-e Zand (Yek Shakheh Gol #169) 2:11
A6 Improvisation In Dashti (Barg-e Sabz #174) 5:34
A7 Improvisation In Abu-Ata (Golha-ye Rangarang #201) 2:25
B1 Improvisation In Bayat-e Turk (Barg-e Sabz #177) 7:07
B2 Improvisation In Afshari (Barg-e Sabz #94) 2:20
B3 Improvisation In Dashti (Golha-ye Rangarang #200b) 2:20
B4 Improvisation In Abu-Ata (Barg-e Sabz #35) 4:52
B5 Improvisation In Sigah (Golha-ye Rangarang #193) 2:22
B6 Improvisation In Bayat-e Turk (Golha-ye Javidan #136) 2:18
B7 Improvisation In Dashti (Golha-ye Rangarang #162b) 2:24