Morgan Fisher – Inside Satie
Morgan Fisher – Inside Satie

Morgan Fisher – Inside Satie

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Label: Strawberry Records – SBL 1001
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Japan
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical, Experimental

Delicate, synthesised reinterpretations of classic minimal Erik Satie compositions by ex-pat British musician Morgan Fisher on this long-lost 1985 gem Inside Satie. Recorded in just three days after just a cursory graces at the original scores, Fisher offers alternative versions of the timeless Gnossienne and Gymnopedie pieces on the beastly Yamaha GS-1 FM synth, adding rich analogue warmth to Satie’s enduring, instantly recognisable music. Each quaint and unique with their own charm and snowflake-like fragility, Fisher’s recitals retain all the elegance of the originals with a playful twist, occasionally softly whistling along whilst playing or subtle adding delay on the fly. There are literally endless renditions of Satie’s music but it feels like these imaginative renditions might be the one’s that the late French, notoriously eccentric composer would actually approve of.. (NM/NM)

A1 Gnossienne #1 (Cabaret Piano)
A2 Gymnopedie #1 (Sugar Plum Piano/Water Bell Synthesizer)
A3 Gnossienne #3 (Street Corner Mouth Accordion)
A4 Gnossienne #3 (Organ Ripple Synthesizer)
A5 Gymnopedie #1 (Hesitant Piano/Confident Lips)
B1 Gnossienne #1 (French Ice Piano/Siberian Snow Synthesizer)
B2 Gnossienne #1 (German Haiku Pianica)
B3 Gymnopedie #3 (Family Piano/A Hint Of La-La-La)
B4 Gnossienne #2 (Perrier Swing Synthesizer)
B5 Gymnopedie #2 (Resonant Concert Piano/Tide Synthesizer)
B6 Gymnopedie #1 (Festival Soft Fanfare Synthesizer)