Leven Signs – Hemp Is Here
Leven Signs – Hemp Is Here

Leven Signs – Hemp Is Here

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Label: Futura Resistenza – 
Format: Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Remastered
Country: Belgium
Released: 17 May 2021
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Tribal, Post-Punk, Folk, Dub, Avantgarde

Deep disorienting and utterly other, Leven Signs’ masterpiece of DIY 80s psychedelia is available again.

So-called ‘Psychedelic music’ is easy to get hold of. Backwards guitar, constantly mutating 303s and vocals wreathed in endless echo all instantly suggest the feeling of tripping. So much so, in fact, that they have become a comforting way of covering up the potentially difficult and upsetting aspects a psychedelic experience. Why have your whole way of experiencing reality ripped out from underneath you when you could just listen to a Goa trance record or Nuggets 2?  Music that aims toward really giving one a sense of that hyper-sensory, fizzing, always-now feeling is rare.  Nurse With Wound can do it or sure, some bits of Black Dice maybe, Coil sometimes, Michel Redolfi’s Desert Tracks possibly. I have always thought of this record as a definite contender.  Hemp is Here was originally released in 1985 on the wonderful Cordelia Records. It combines dense layers of elliptical percussion, organ drones, tape loops and unearthly vocals with a totally gone sense of time and structure to bewildering effect.  Not that it sounds remotely the same, but it’s tumbling in the same corner of the universe as the whole Flaming tunes / General Strike / Cold Storage thing or even Rimarimba / The Same et al (having originally been released on cassette by Robert Cox via Unlikely). It’s dizzying, deeply strange and psychoactive pop music from deep in 80s Dreamtime.. not to be missed.  (Mint / New)


A1 Our Position Vanishes 3:51
A2 Prague Spring 5:27
A3 Iraj 11 3:10
A4 La Luna 5:20
A5 Sedes Sapientiae 3:55
B1 Carry The Torch 3:10
B2 Morse Message 1:28
B3 This Inner Space 3:25
B4 Rumi 3:31
B5 Das Seal 3:44
B6 Held In Arms 3:23