Läuten der Seele - Die Reise zur Monsalwäsche
Läuten der Seele - Die Reise zur Monsalwäsche

Läuten der Seele - Die Reise zur Monsalwäsche

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Label:    Hands In The Dark – 
Format:     Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Country:    France
Released:    2024 - AUGUST
Genre:    Electronic, Folk, World, & Country
Style:    Ambient, Experimental, Abstract


Christian Schoppik aka Läuten der Seele brings his “Water” trilogy to a close with his new album ‘Die Reise zur Monsalwäsche’ (The Journey to Monsalwäsche) following up ‘Die Mariengrotte als Trinkwasseraufbereitungsanlage’ (2022, Hands in the Dark) and ‘Ertrunken im seichtesten Gewässer’ (2023, World of Echo).

This final instalment takes the listener on a sacred odyssey searching for the fulfilment of one's (or is it his own?) spiritual destiny, from beginning (‘Entschluss, Abschied & Aufbruch’ / ‘Decision, Farewell & Departure’) to end (‘Verirrung, Ankunft & Erlösung’ / ‘Losing Way, Arrival & Salvation’).

While the compositional technique of this opus still relies primarily on samples and altered audio-collages, each chapter of the trilogy was intentionally created from very different sources. The present collection is arguably less "experimental" than some of Läuten der Seele's previous works, as classical music takes center stage this time. However the mastery in crafting such magnificent and intriguing narratives sees the simplicity and emotional depth of these sonic mariages become the beauty of it all.

Schoppik remains consistent as ever in his creative explorations, and this release feels very much like a culmination of his past projects. “Die Reise zur Monsalwäsche” will probably come to be known as a standout entry in the German artist's music catalog, showcasing a new facet of his talent.

A        Entschluss, Abschied & Aufbruch
B        Verirrung, Ankunft & Erlösung