Lauten Der Seel - Lauten Der Seel
Lauten Der Seel - Lauten Der Seel

Lauten Der Seel - Lauten Der Seel

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Label: Hands In The Dark — HITD 059
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: France
Released: 2022
Genres: Electronic, Classical, Folk, World, & Country
Styles: Volksmusik, Ambient

More mildewed weltschmerz from the Brannten Schnüre universe via Hands in the Dark.

Brannten Schnüre offshoot Lauten Der Seel’s first appearance was tucked away almost at the end of Kashual Plastik’s sprawling Labyrinth of Memories comp. Although you could be forgiven for having missed it. Here on their first full-length, all becomes (slightly) clearer. Perhaps it isn’t as straightforward as this, but this record seems to favour the mainly instrumental, sample-heavy, collaged elements of the Brannten Schnüre template. It strips away Katie Rich’s spirit-guide vocals, and lets what remains breath and stretch out, turning up the blank fogged out mystery to leave you stranded deep in the zone. As with all their stuff we are very much in the haunted attic of old Europe here. Ghostly loops that could come straight from a Carl Orff Schulwerk record loom up out of the murk, sound sources just about identifiable as Zither, clarinet and French horn break apart to fall together again, and wisps of bad-dream choral chant drift through. But, it’s not just a ghost train ride. There are gaps in the cloud, and poignant glimpses of mid-twentieth-century optimism peak through, a lone flute or a heartbreakingly clear child’s voice catch and repeat to suggest the possibility of a better world that somehow got forgotten along the way.. (Mint / New)

1 Die Welt durchs grüne Glas
2 Kläranlagengesang 1
3 Das Biotop im Traum und in der Wirklichkeit
4 Millionen Nachtigallen schlagen
5 Ich ging durch einen grasgrünen Wald
6 Merkwürdige Vögel erscheinen im Garten
7 Irres Flackern vor den Altglascontainern
8 Strahlenkranz Schweinfurt
9 Kläranlagengesang 2
10 Erdrutsch an der Bushaltestelle
11 Unendlicher Trost
12 Gedanken der Mückenlarven in der Regentonne bei Vollmond