Inoue Tomoe – In Flight #1
Inoue Tomoe – In Flight #1

Inoue Tomoe – In Flight #1

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Label: Not On Label – none
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Japan
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract

Peculiar, naive and endearing solo works for organ and electronic from Japanese keyboard player Tomou Inoue, a musician active within the Kansai region around Osaka and Kyoto.  We’ve had this one in for a few weeks now and keep revisiting its inherent joys.  Potentially the artist’s debut work, although details are scarce - ‘In Flight # 1’ is a romantic and surreal journey through homemade organ and Casio melodies, bolstered by occasional soft rhythm box patterns and mysterious electronic tones.  Could just be me or the general nasty whiffs circulating in Stockport but there’s that queasy nostalgic feeling in the air synonymous with sad Northern seaside towns where time has long moved it -pretty rubbish but you still love it anyway.  Amateur keyboard ditties with the odd duff note, but infinitely more charming than your standard virtuoso.  Obvious comparisons would be our favourite Aki Tsuyuko’s own Casio / organ works, or that skewed UK music hall parody LP from David Toop, Beresford, Lol Coxhill+++ did as The Promenaders for Y Records.. Weirdly addictive!  (Mint / New)

1 robot country
2 welcome march
3 big foot
4 dream of electric calculator
5 my favorite things
6 never ending vacation
7 beginning of minuet
8 paradise somewhere
9 just sunday
10 blast off
11 night flight
12 twilight rumba
13 invitation to dance
14 micro melody
15 space patrol #1
16 space patrol #2
17 nostalgic strange town
18 end of the...
19 phone call from the future
20 somewhere romance