Eliane Radigue ‎– Trilogie De La Mort
Eliane Radigue ‎– Trilogie De La Mort

Eliane Radigue ‎– Trilogie De La Mort

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Label: Experimental Intermedia Foundation ‎– XI 119
Series: XI – XI 119
Format: 3 × CD
Country: US
Released: 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drone

Three hours of life-affirming, mind-altering drone from pioneering French composer Eliane Radigue.  The deepest sonic meditation on life, existence and death expressed though the use of sustained tones, subtle harmonics and minute adjustments resulting in a peerless, transcendental, out-of-body experience whilst encouraging a heightened state of deep listening that no-one else in the field could even begin to achieve.  Eliane’s long-standing dedication to Tibetan Buddhism informs this tryptic of recordings, with the slowly unfolding pieces mirroring the intermediate states explained within the sacred Bardo-Thodol text (Tibetan Book Of The Dead).  It’s a daunting subject matter to tackle no doubt, but the subtly shifting phrases and micro adjustments of the ARP 2500 seamlessly grow and melt away to echo the different states of consciousness.  Gentle, dream-like passages morph into moments of anxiety, uncertainty, serenity and more.  I’ve scoured the earth and I can confirm that really, nothing has ever cut as deep as this, seriously the best ever.  (Mint / New - sealed).

1-1 Kyema 61:22
2-1 Kailasha 56:08
3-1 Koumé 51:17