Deux Filles – Silence & Wisdom / Double Happiness
Deux Filles – Silence & Wisdom / Double Happiness

Deux Filles – Silence & Wisdom / Double Happiness

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Label: Dark Entries – DE-120
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Reissue, Remastered
Country: US
Released: May 23, 2016
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient
Silence & Wisdom

Drifting, whimsical ambient pop masterpiece dreamt up out of nowhere by two young French orphan girls, who bonded over their shared bereavement and united to write two faultless, caught-in-a-dream semi-instrumental albums before mysteriously vanishing into thin air… But If only all that were true!  In reality, Deux Filles is future soundtrack composer Simon Fisher Turner and songwriter Colin Lloyd Tucker, who managed to fabricate an elaborate backstory for their undercover project, whilst posing (and even performing) in drag to maintain their fictional narrative.  The first release on the duo’s own private label Papier Maché, Silence And Wisdom is a varied and fanciful dream suite of ethereal pop ambience - a genuine world away that’s laced with gentle lappings of lilting, echo-drenched, Vinii Reilly styled guitar picks on top of layers of synthesiser textures with idyllic piano meditations in between.  The layered, post-Eno production lends itself to the illusory, just-out-reach atmosphere of the album - like a soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist where it’s easy to project the shared sadness of the fictional duo onto the music, reinforcing the deceptive role-play of the duo’s heartbroken French girls Claudine Coule and Gemini Forque.  A total outlier and a cruelly hard to find original press..(NM/NM - OG)


A1 The Letter 3:39
A2 L'Intrigue 2:56
A3 Drinking At A Stream 4:02
A4 Oakwood Green 2:06
A5 Children Of Clay 3:19
A6 Sur La Plague 3:18
A7 Her Master's Voice 2:53
B1 The Draw In Room 2:26
B2 She Slides 3:05
B3 Fleur's Dolls 3:45
B4 Mortuary 1:51
B5 The City Sleeps 2:34
B6 Birds 1:26
B7 Silence & Wisdom 3:48
B8 Festival 1:35
Double Happiness
C1 Our English Friends 2:25
C2 Piroette 2:16
C3 The Third Movement 2:09
C4 Play Room 0:28
C5 Starboard She Said 0:53
C6 Los Esterellas (The Stars) 1:04
C7 Albert The Mud Fish 1:49
C8 Who Art In Heaven 3:37
C9 Shackleford Breeze 2:46
C10 2 Blind 2 See 3:16
C11 Zazinthos 3:31
D1 Air Tube 1:09
D2 LIttle Brown Jig 2:08
D3 Tongues 1:10
D4 Shalama 3:41
D5 The Sun On The Sea 2:55
D6 Interlude 0:16
D7 The Snow Falls And The Village Is Overfloating With Children 2:15
D8 Double Happiness 3:26