David Cunningham ‎– Grey Scale
David Cunningham ‎– Grey Scale

David Cunningham ‎– Grey Scale

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Label: Piano ‎– Piano 001
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 1977
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Experimental

Debut LP from cherished British artist David Cunningham and the inaugural release on his own crucial Piano imprint with '77 LP Grey Scale. A now cornerstone release in the minimalism canon (as well as being name checked in the notorious NWW list), Cunningham's debut explores his own 'Errors system' process, where musicians are given the specific instructions; 'The players play a repeated phrase. As soon as one player makes a mistake that mistake is made the basis of his repetition unless it is modified by a further mistake. Thus each player proceeds at his own rate to change the sound in an uncontrollable manner'. The result is a sort of uncontrollable madness spiralling out of control, often dissonant, equal parts academic and psychedelic. The mood is ambiguous, not necessarily comfortable but not welcoming either.. just, erm, odd, and despite being constructed through intentionally primitive and simplistic sounds, it's obvious theres a process and intention in place that's there to be decoded. Now over 40 years old and still as enigmatic and important as ever! (Original ((not paste on)) sleeve VG+), Vinyl NM).