Dalibor Cruz ‎– No Brain Death
Dalibor Cruz ‎– No Brain Death
Dalibor Cruz ‎– No Brain Death

Dalibor Cruz ‎– No Brain Death

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Label: Natural Sciences
Format: Cassette
Country: UK
Released: 2020
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Experimental

Cassette based sonic sludge from local Natural Sciences label, as usual having little regard for recording concepts like headroom and taking the piss with the distortion levels but in the best possible way.. their own words below.  .. (Mint / New)

''Originally released as a run of 10 CDRs on the Liga do Vento Divino imprint out of Rio De Janeiro, we fire up the defibrillator and bring this relic of scum electronics back into public circulation for a one-off tape release alongside two fresh bonus cuts.

A native of Chicago Illinois, Dalibor Cruz recorded "No Brain Death" over the course of a year on a primitive hardware set-up, channeling the subversive sounds of the windy city alongside crude minimal wave, rippin street techno, hardcore and slo-mo industrial missiles positioned right into the no-fly zone.

Already a sure-fire classic of the future underground, it's essential gear for the Frankfurt Trax, Tuning Circuits, Bloody Fist + Robert Rental freaks out there. Loose it to the sounds of the swarm.

out to Max and Gabe of Liga do Vento Divino on this one, respect!''

1 Req. 6:24
2 NRG Swarm 4:58
3 Lude (interlude) 1:55
4 Reduced To Scum 5:49
5 Synapse Free 9:27
6 Deliberation 11:19
7 Void Filler 4:50
8 No Redux 7:01
9 Regal 5:39