Incipientium – Belastning

Incipientium – Belastning

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Label: Förlag För Fri Musik – 023
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Sweden
Released: 6 Jan 2022
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Experimental, Abstract, Sound Collage

Killer new FFFM, need we say more!

Even though the tiny pressings and snottier-than-thou Diy ethos threaten to dampen our desire, our mad love for all things FFFM continues unabated. And anyway maybe it's a good thing… so many cult labels have jumped the shark via too much product, profit chasing and shaky A&R. No chance of that here, Belastning is another underground monster springing fully formed from the impossibly rich Swedish scene. Having only surfaced previously on a split tape with Gothenburg legends Arv & Miljö this seems to be Incipientium’s first vinyl outing, although as with everything FFFM, ungoogleable mystery is par for the course. First impressions are of noisy tape collage, gaffa tape, contact mics and vhs interfence. So far so good, but there’s a deeper layer. Even in the scratchiest moments you are never far away from a sense of numbed beauty: distorted demonic voices fall backwards into fields of lush ragged drone and a touchingly romantic synth line gets progressively blown out and subsumed by its own long tail. All in all, this is the real deal. A scene, a label and a record to put up against the golden gods of Xpressway, Siltbreeze or Vanity.. (Mint / New - with inserts)

A1 Kall Savann 15:16
B1 Caltes 5:49
B2 Revy 5:04
B3 Cuna 1:12
B4 Sol Tympanum 4:24