Arv & Miljö ‎– Himmelsvind
Arv & Miljö ‎– Himmelsvind
Arv & Miljö ‎– Himmelsvind
Arv & Miljö ‎– Himmelsvind
Arv & Miljö ‎– Himmelsvind

Arv & Miljö ‎– Himmelsvind

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Label: Discreet Music ‎– 01
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Sweden
Released: 21 Aug 2020
Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Ambient, Modern Classical, Sound Collage

Gothenburg store Discreet Music get their eponymous shop label under way with a full-length from one of the regular Omlott / Forlag For Fri Musik orbiters Arv & Miljo, who follow’s his deep 2018 epic ‘Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid’ with ‘Himmelsvind’.  An ode to the Swedish spring, the two full-side pieces drift into pools of deeply zonked synth nostalgia, suggesting the illusive serenity one might attain from living out a hermetic existence, deep and undisturbed within the Swedish hinterland.  But as always with this lot, all is not what it seems.  There are odd shifts in tone that hint at trouble on the horizon, quickly dispelling any bucolic fantasies you might THINK, or hope, you’ll find with this record, and plunging you back into your own private paranoia-laced nightmare.  There’re nods to Sweden’s fine legacy of mind-expanding kosmische elektroniks, the open ended synthetic vistas recalling moments of the sole Anna Själv Tredje LP on Silence, Ralph Lundsten’s innumerate synth-heavy epics, but the Gothenburger’s grounding in the city’s ridiculously fertile DIY / noise culture keeps it all at street level, blending hypnotic synth-tones with every day field records with a collage-style approach.  The crackles of fire-crackers, fireworks in the distance and fleeting acoustic guitar recalling the spring memories you once had but are fading deeper into abstraction day by day.  Mind-blowing opening statement from this promising new outpost.  Features guest appearances from Jon Collin and Elin of Loopsel.  With colour art booklet.  (Mint / New).

A1 Mot Sol Och Firmament
A2 Häggblom Möter Mognad
A3 Fireworks In The Sky
A4 Sjungande Försommarnatt
B1 Glimmande Slån
B2 Hjärteregn, Rinn Oförmärkt II
B3 Sjunka I Gröna Doftande Djup Utan Grund