Af Ursin ‎– Murrille
Af Ursin ‎– Murrille

Af Ursin ‎– Murrille

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Label: La Scie Dorée ‎– Scie 102
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Belgium
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Avantgarde, Experimental

Inaugural run-out for Finish free-form sound-artist Timo Van Luijk under his Af Ursin guise, self-released via his own now well established LA Scie Doree imprint.  As some will be aware, Timo has himself been heavily involved in one way or another in the world of the more modern avant-garde / experimental music coming out of Europe, especially orbiting that vast Christoph Heemann / Mirror related universe.  This one, whilst split into distinct chunks, definitely is best consumed in one big sensory-overloading SWIG - entering another multi-faceted dimension of guttural psycho-dronez, distant calls from civilisations yet unconnected and tense, trepidatious sax toots.  A mixed bag - yes, yet other parts it takes on the form of some sorta avant-folk, yet heavily indebted to the darker, more industrial worlds of NWW / Asmus Tietchens / H.N.A.S it's safe to assume Van Luijk heavily stalked before kick starting this project in 2002.  There's so much going on through this that's better left to raw experience than my pathetic attempt to describe what's going on (as if I even know?!), but for fans of Alvin Curran's sound collage work or more the more fucked-up pineal-gland activating electronic microcosms of Ashtray Navigations.. DIG IN.  (NM / NM).