Giulio Erasmus – Second Attempt
Giulio Erasmus – Second Attempt

Giulio Erasmus – Second Attempt

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Label: Mangel – MNG021
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 2024
Genre: Electronic
Style: Post-Punk, Experimental

Completely out of nowhere!!  Prime dubbed-to-death post-punk rough ’n tumble from Manc-in-Brussels Giulio Erasmus.

Right of the back of a cold stocking enquiry, Erasmus (also of DUDS / Handle) has knocked us totally off guard with this debut LP.  Picking up the Y Records / 99 Records trail, Second Attempt is a home-brewed freeform take on classic sound-system inspired post-punk.  Low-slung, strafing bass riffs, scorched dead-pan vocals, brittle percussion and a heavy drenching of delay.  Erasmus leaves all the entrails in, the looping feedback tails, mangled spliced vocals and heavily effected radio static - It’s flailing yet cooly controlled.  On first listen, the list of people that are instantly catapulted to mind is endless - On-U sound, Monokultur, Holy Tongue, Liquid Liquid, General Strike, EP-4, etc etc.  But for us (OBVIOUS bias here) it feels very Manc.  The clattering, riotous ‘Collapsed, Speech’ has that loose-limbed feel found in some of A Certain Ratio’s music, made all the more pertinent given that Giulio is the son of Factory Records founder Alan Erasmus.  But there’s no nepotism here - just an inventive modern facelift on various stylistic traits we’ll never tire of.  Future classic!!  (Mint / New - with DL)

A1 Strangers
A2 Lambast
A3 Elastic
A4 phray
A5 Busman II
A6 A Hole
A7 Tomorrow
B1 Collapsed
B2 Garbled
B3 Busman I
B4 Extract
B5 Adjustment
B6 Something