Bons - Peri Bathous
Bons - Peri Bathous
Bons - Peri Bathous
Bons - Peri Bathous

Bons - Peri Bathous

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Label: Spillage Fete Records
Format: Cassette
Country: UK
Released: 2021
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: Experimental, Abstract, Ambient

Another addictive puzzle-box of domestic psychedelia to unpack from the Spillage Fete label.

As with all of the records produced by this group of artists (Jam Money, Speedbooth, A Happy Return, Harry Deerness etc) the new Bons tape does something weird with time. At first glance one might think that all these records crammed full of one-and-a-half minute tracks are something and nothing. As soon as anything gets going it’s gone. Surely it’s not too much to ask to be able to exist inside the music for a while? But wait. Just as it was while listening to all this album’s predecessors, time is somewhere else. What seem to be miniatures stretch and grow - the doll's house becomes a dwelling. Much is familiar here: folk guitar and recording detritus, portable organ and woodwind, hand drums and strange synths all circle each other in constantly shifting patterns. But much is new too. There’s an even greater sense of woozy beauty and an increased confidence check the dreamy upward churn of the gorgeous ‘Theme from Pinpoint’ or the almost Hip Hop of ‘Brogue’ collapsing into foggy drone. The sense of endless playful invention is everywhere and for all the rough edges and abrupt switch ups this is a remarkably engaging and easy going listen. Perhaps the running time means nothing when you are this deep in love with the possibilities of arranging sound... (Mint / New - individually hand painted box)

Diorama 01:49
Sprue 01:52
Khaki Drill 01:25
Brogue 01:49
Theme From 'Pinpoint' 02:25
Glimpse 01:19
Assembly 01:10
Dorsal Does Time 01:17
If Destroyed Even Truer 02:10
Domestic 02:30
Corned Beef 02:19
Outwork 01:46
Tough Spot 01:57
Aerial Sequence 02:20
Multiplier 01:12
Counterpart 01:11
The Glad Eye 00:30
Good Authority 02:01